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I was notified that I had won the Birds & Blooms Great Backyard Giveaway contest. I was in formed that I had won (one) HOLIDAY BELL™ with Hummingbird Wind Catcher and one Cardinal Bracket. I was asked to download a release voucher, but what caught my attention was, they asked for my social security number!! I'm not ***!! Why do they need my Social Security Number for a small prize like that anyway? Doesn't make sense at all! The voucher looks... Read more

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Like wise tried to enter this contest for the December/January issue of Birds& Blooms. Only months available were November/? extra. The humming birds is on page 24 of the December/January issue. Enjoyed these magazines a lot but due to limited income must let subscriptions run out and not having a friendly web site is also another reason. Need 100 + words for a submission you have to be joking. I didn't need that many words to let you know what... Read more

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I am annoyed at your system. You send out renewals with False information! I have been reciving both your magazines for years! I would like to renew online but if i do i get screwed out of the extra magazines you PROMISED. Not COOL! I have just decided not to renew my subscription.... No to your birds & blooms extra....

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We ordered the magazine and paid for it by credit card. While we receiving the magazine we enjoyed it, but decided against renewing since they all seemed the same and we were trying to cut back on our budget. Well, they sent us a notice that our subscription would automatically renew and our credit card would be charged. We called and were assured that we would not be charged. It just showed up on our credit card. I am so fed up with them,... Read more

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tried to enter the find the hummingbird contest for the extra magazine. went on the web sight Pressed the word ENTER by the hummingbird. Page came up white. Pressed Winners and that came up, no problem. SO i tried to do a live chat with first Brad. He told me try this address, he gave me one in red. Still screen White. I wrote back , Shay answered, told me it was working. I tried to write again got Katy, she said and... Read more

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I actually stop renewing my subscription because of the constant renewal letters.I just got a welcome back offer,and as always Birds&Blooms offer for a two year is always cheaper than one year.Im tempted to renew if I don't get pressured to renew before my second year starts.Also why can't your free gift ever be anything besides the Backyard birds which I already have.How about a colorful birds&blooms tote bag,hey!!!! It's great... Read more

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My current subscription expire date: Feb17. Keep getting sent "warnings" about B&B running out. This is a game we fell for ONCE, NEVER AGAIN! We ordered, then found out our subscription hadn't finished!! Now I tear these "notices" up, mark the date when it actually will expire, then when it truly is going to run out, re-subscribe. I like the magazine, but at this point angry enough to never order again!!! I don't like games being played with me... Read more

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The renewal notices are crazy. Where is the phone # on the notice to tell them its not my last issue. You just cashed my check for 1 yr.

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Too many renewal notices, especially from non BNB subscription sellers. Do you sell you sub. list to them? Also, any 'classes' you offer are very expensive. However, I do appreciate that half the mag. isn't full of *** ads, but have noticed they are increasing in number a bit. I love the mag. but if you can offer a gift sub., then why not pass part of those savings on to your loyal readers? Enjoy everything. Read more

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Approximately 6 months ago I renewed by subscription for 2 years, then never received another issue! After several calls to customer service I finally received an issue. Customer Service is very friendly, but does not resolve the issues. I receive almost weekly emails from B&B yet the customer service rep told me the emails they were sending were returned (that was not true, and they were not going into my SPAM). Was not able to access my... Read more

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